These are our non-negotiable distinctives, forming our core principles and making us who we are. They are crucial to the outworking of the life of the church and dictate where we spend our time, energy and money.


THE PURSUIT OF GOD.       We are hungry to know God’s presence, hear His voice and follow hard after Him.

CHRISTLIKENESS.         We want Jesus’ love, mercy, grace, truth, purity, power, and integrity to shine through all that we are and do, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

BEING SPIRIT-LED, AUTHENTICALLY, SIMPLY.      We welcome the Holy Spirit and expect that He will meet with us when we ask Him to. We try to do this in a non-manipulative and non-hyped manner. We look for and expect the authentic presence and work of God in all areas of our lives. We call this being ‘naturally supernatural’.

THE BIBLE.       We acknowledge the supreme value of the truth revealed in the Bible, and our desire is to grow in our ability to understand and apply its truth in our lives so we increasingly see the world around us from God’s perspective.

PRAYER.      This is how we communicate with and listen to God. Through prayer we can give thanks, say we are sorry when we need to and ask God for what we need. We believe that prayer should be at the heart of all we do, both as a church and as individuals, as we try to follow Him and know Him more.

DISCIPLESHIP.           We aim to grow as disciples of Christ ourselves first and then to make disciples of others.

THE KINGDOM OF GOD.          We believe we live in the ‘now and the not yet’ of the kingdom of God  – God’s rule and reign. We enjoy experiencing God’s kingdom breaking through in the present (in healing, for example) and we also wait for the day when God’s kingdom will be fully present and established at the return of Jesus.

THE MERCY OF GOD.         We believe that mercy is fundamental to all that God does in salvation. As a result, we want to extend mercy to one another and to everyone we meet.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP.         We believe that Christ has put significant leadership authority in the hands of the pastor and leaders. We aim to exercise that authority with humility, selflessness, grace, care for people, and a sincere desire to build up the Body of Christ.

UNITY.        We recognise that we are just one small part of Jesus’ church in our community and throughout the earth. We do our best to walk in real unity with one another and with believers everywhere, as we serve Christ’s cause.

HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS.       We want to develop open, honest relationships with one another, where we can know others well and be known. We believe that strong relationships will develop a community which is open and welcoming to everyone.
We want to enable and support mature relationships and family growth for those who are single or married.

BEING RELEVANT.          We aim to create an atmosphere of ease, where we speak, act and dress in ways in which are culturally relevant. We also want to shape culture and find new ways to express and live out our faith, whilst remaining true to what we believe.

WORSHIP.      The historic confessions of our faith acknowledge that humanity’s great purpose is “to know God and glorify Him forever.”
Our worship is for and to God and we aim at it being authentic and non-hyped.

THE INSIDE – OUT WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.      We place a much higher value on the Holy Spirit ‘capturing’ the heart of a person and producing change in motivation, than on an external change in behaviour, produced by harsh discipline.
We want people to be free to come as they are and be themselves, wherever they are in their faith journey.

FAITH LIVED OUT.       Our relationship with Jesus convinces us to not just believe the truth, but also to live it out. Jesus demonstrated God’s love, compassion and the reality of His kingdom through action as well as words. We want to ‘do the stuff’ that he did, not just read or talk about it.

COMPASSION         The Bible and the life of Jesus clearly illustrate that God’s heart is biased towards the poor and the ‘voiceless’. As a church we want to embrace His ministry to the poor, the hurting, the sick, and the lost. Every person in the church has a part to play in this work by praying, giving, and serving in the strength of God and the gifts of His Spirit.

‘EVERYBODY GETS TO PLAY’       “If we create places where only a few can participate we’ve missed the call of the Kingdom.” So we encourage everyone to get involved in the life of the church and be an active part of what we do.

OUTWARD LOOKING       We believe the church also exists for the sake of its ‘non-members’. We want to have a creative and positive impact on the communities around us in whatever ways we can.

CHURCH PLANTING        We believe the church exists to reach out to people and change communities. So, we look for growth and support church planting as a means of extending God’s Kingdom throughout the UK.