What you’ve always wanted to ask …..

How did the Vineyard Movement start and when?

The first Vineyard Church began in the late 70’s as a musician’s fellowship in West Los Angeles, USA. From this, several churches were planted, mostly locally in California. John Wimber assumed leadership of it in 1982 and that’s when the Vineyard Movement really began to grow. At the time, there were less than forty churches. Today, the number of Vineyard churches around the world is in the thousands – around 100+ of these in the UK.

Do you have to be baptized in a Vineyard to be part of the church?

No. The Vineyard churches do not have a formal membership. We do believe in and practice baptism, and we’re very happy to explain the meaning and significance of baptism to anyone considering this. We encourage people to be baptised after they have made a commitment to follow Christ.

Do you have to give money to the church to be a member?

We don’t have a formal membership, and nobody has to give money. We do teach and believe, however, that the Bible has established certain principles for people to live by. One of these has to do with giving, and when a person gives to the work of the kingdom of God, it shows commitment and dedication to God and the body of believers to which he or she belongs.

Is the Vineyard a cult?

No. As evangelicals, the Bible is our final authority for faith and practice. We practice and teach the Bible, which we believe to be the inspired Word of God. Our Statement of Faith is available to anyone who has questions concerning the doctrine and theological position of the Vineyard Churches UK and Ireland. We are also active members of Churches Together in Truro – and work closely with other Christian churches here.