Who we are

Enjoying and sharing God’s outrageous love.

prayer ministry 1

One exciting part of this thing is that we get to be involved in what God is passionate about – sharing His life, love and compassion with everyone, especially those who haven’t yet experienced it. “Enjoying and sharing God’s outrageous love.”

At Truro Vineyard Church, our intention is to pursue God and share His life.  

In response to God’s amazing love for us and His relentless pursuit of us, we have chosen to seek Him more than anything else in this world. And, we want to do this with friends – who encourage us when we grow tired, celebrate with us in life’s joys, and help us through life’s surprises and hurts.

Together, we are on a journey into the unknown in the company of the One who is already there.

While we are serious about God, we are relaxed and contemporary in our approach to being church.

Why not spend some time with us and with Him and see if there’s anything in this?