Soundbites Archive

For anything you’ve missed, or want to hear again, here are some ‘back issues’ of our Sunday teaching.


Idols 07.07.13 Dan Rumsey introduces our series and considers how we make idols out of so many things.
Success 14.07.13 Rob Graham looks at how we can make success an idol.
Worry 21.07.13 Rob Graham talks about how worry can become something that rules our lives.
Religion 28.07.13 Ben Tyler considers how religion can be something that takes God’s place.


Limits 28.04.13 Rob Graham explores the importance of not living ‘up to the edge’ in our lives.
Moral margins 05.05.13 Ben Tyler explores our need for ensuring safety margins in our moral lives.
Sabbath 12.05.13 Rob Graham looks at God’s provision of and our need of time set apart for God.
Finances 19.05.13 Ben Tyler considers the need to ‘Mind the gap’ with our finances.
Relationships 26.05.13 Dan Rumsey helps us think about ‘Being there’ – intentionality in who we invest our time in.
Making it work. 16.06.13 Ben Tyler reflects on the importance of staying close to the centre of our lives – Jesus.