Church is pretty weird really – especially if you’ve never tried anything like it before.

We don’t want the way we do things to get in the way of people meeting with God, so we’re very relaxed when we get together – and we find that God is there with us. Everyone is welcome – to come just as they are and feel comfortable to be themselves.


Usually, we start with around 30 minutes of contemporary worship, followed by a few notices, then there’s a short talk focusing on the Bible, ending with an opportunity to receive prayer.

Not everyone wants prayer, so it’s fine to watch what’s happening or just enjoy more coffee & doughnuts ……

Children and young people usually stay with us for the worship and then go to their groups (except school holidays), returning when the meeting has finished.

On the first and third week of each month we take communion together during the service. If you’re a follower of Jesus, please join in, or just sit back and enjoy some music. These can be powerful times, whether you take communion or not.