The good news of Jesus isn’t just for Christians – it’s for everyone!

We are always trying to find creative ways to reach out to the community we’re part of and impact the city of Truro and beyond. We believe God is good, loving and generous – and we want to share this with everyone.

These are some of the things we do and if you’d like to be involved, come and join in.Drinks giveaway

Healing on the streets

Introducing people to God’s compassion through healing.

Street Pastors

Church on the streets – demonstrating compassion and the Kingdom of God

Treasure Hunting

Church on the streets – demonstrating the Kingdom of God

Christmas Drinks

Giving God’s love in a practical way.

Quiz nights, parties etc.

Taking opportunities to live transparent lives filled with Jesus, in all areas of our community.

Alpha Courses

Exploring the Christian faith in a range of relaxed settings. starbucks carols alt

Carol Singing

Simple & festive. A small band in Starbucks on Late Night Shopping evenings leading Christmas worship.

Finding as many …..

creative ways to impact our community with the good news of God’s Kingdom as possible.