I’m new…

We don’t want the way we do things to get in the way of people meeting with God, so we’re very relaxed and ‘normal’ when we get together



Why not try out one of our church services if you haven’t already. If you’re just curious about Jesus and perhaps unfamiliar with the idea of church, or your experience of church has been confusing, then you’re among friends.

If you arrive around 10.00 ish, there will be freshly brewed coffee, other drinks and stuff to eat and an opportunity to meet some of the ‘locals’.

Many people who come to the services have very little experience of church. We hope you feel comfortable enough to come back again and again, as you discover more about God and what he means to you. We’re not formal in any way – so come just as you would normally normally go anywhere on a Sunday morning – no need to ‘dress up’.



We also have Newcomers’ Meals. These happen fairly regularly and are a great way to hear something of the story of our church, meet Rob & Ruth and some of the leaders –  and ask them your questions. Details of the next Newcomers’ Meal will be on the bulletin.

We also go out for food after the Sunday service from time to time – we would love you to join us.



From time to time, we hold a V3 event – Vineyard Vision & Values.

This is a time when we get together over a meal and talk in more depth about what the Vineyard is all about in a relaxed atmosphere.

Details will be on the notice sheet and in the events section.