Jesus demonstrated God’s tender heart towards the poor and the oppressed.

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He also gave us some simple and uncomplicated commands: feed the poor, clothe the naked, heal the sick and cast out demons. So we have no choice but to make loving and serving the most vulnerable around us a foundational value of Truro Vineyard church. We want to be deeply involved in meeting the needs of the poor, hurting and broken, irrespective of their background, faith or race.

‘Pasty Run’  

Providing food and companionship to Truro’s homeless community. Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6.30.


Collecting and delivering badly needed resources for people/families in need. In response to requests from Social Services or others.


People Trafficking

Supporting the work of organisations which help those affected by people trafficking.

Cornwall Christmas Box

Christmas in a box for less fortunate families in conjunction with local Social Services. Check out   and

Why not participate in this opportunity to help families for whom Christmas could be a very difficult time, it’s a wonderful chance to experience and share some of the real meaning of Christmas.