Going to church isn’t an option for us, we are the church!

Trelander Centre


This website will give you a snap-shot of who we are and what we do – simply a group of people with a common purpose.

If you’re looking for a way to meet with God, you’re unfamiliar with church, or just curious about it all, check all this out and maybe even visit us.

If you’re looking for a church that pursues God and His purposes and has fun at the same time, come and see if we’re the church for you.



CHANGE OF PLAN! We will not be meeting at the Trelander Centre this Sunday (18th March), and we will NOT be meeting in Truro to pray for the city either, as the weather forecast is not good. Please join us back at the Trelander Centre on Sunday 25th March – and keep warm.

We know some people are having trouble finding the building – we’re getting new signs made up – please be patient with us. If you’re looking for us, we’re in the Trelander Children’s Centre. In Truro, at the Trafalgar Roundabout (with Halfords and a Shell Garage), head up the hill between Domino’s Pizza and the retirement flats. Keep going past the cemetary on your right, and as you come over the top of the hill, the Children’s Centre is the building in the edge of the playing field on your left.